Your aggregator for everything digital assets, defi, 1-click tools and our very own proprietary arbitrage engine to earn and stake daily.
Easy to use and tailored to the everyday user.
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Let us do the work

Enter the world of decentralized finance with this massive ecosystem within the bitgear network. Enable everything DeFi, easily accessible and fitted with a simple to use interface.
Just let our aggregators do all of the work for you.

Our Vision


Passive trading for instant earnings


Stake GEAR for bonus tiers and fee reduction


Locked GEAR is burned daily


Interoperability between Polkadot-Ethereum DEXs


1-Click exchange for best price and best rates


Defi aggregation and best rate finder

A Solution For Everybody

Gear Engine

Passive income

Trade passively while taking a nap.
We do all the work for you.
Generate passive daily income while staking your tokens, as our arbitrage engine does optimal trades at minimal risk.
Simple and easy. No monitoring needed!

Gear Market

User Friendly

Gear Market is a simple to use 1-click-exchange aggregator that can buy/sell at best price on an array of exchanges. Mixing even centralized with decentralized options, this is your one-stop-shop for trading.

Gear Portal

Professional Tools

Gear Portal is our professional exchange using our very own proprietary matching engine. It will enable copy-trading and trading simulations and represents the backbone of a lot of our other tech.
We are currently stress testing so feel free to
try it out HERE.

Our Roadmap

We are constantly developing and the roadmap may be updated on the fly.

Stay up to date with the latest developments via our social channels.

GEAR token address: 0x1b980e05943dE3dB3a459C72325338d327B6F5a9

Now listed on Uniswap Exchange

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